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Nanomaterials (B.H. KIM, J.Y. KIM, S.H. LEE, H.B. LEE)
H.B. LEE – Organic/inorganic semiconductor electronic structure
B.H. KIM – Fabrication of micro/nano-structures
J.Y. KIM – Micromolecule nano, organic/inorganic hybrid
S.H. LEE – Biorefinery
Civil Engineering (G.G. YOON)
G.G. YOON – Concrete, shotcrete, road pavement
Environmental Ecology (J.U. YANG)
J.U. YANG – Soil security, soil contamination study
Climate Disaster (B.S. KIM)
B.S. KIM – Climate change, disaster safety
Bio-Health Technology (D.H. OH)
D.H. OH – Food hygiene/safety
Bio-Medicine (H.J. CHO, Y.M. KIM, J.H. Lee, P.H. LEE)
H.J. CHO – Drug delivery system
J.H. LEE – Tumor biochemistry, molecular pharmacology
P.H. LEE – Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry
Y.M. KIM – Tumor, cardiovascular, metabolic diseases

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