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Purpose of Establishment

Investigate the biological principles of vascular formation and homeostasis and identify the pathological mechanism of common vascular disease based on intramural vascular research infrastructure. This will lead to the development of new vascular disease diagnosis/treatment technology, thus fostering the center as an international level vascular research center.

Background and Necessity of Establishment

The Vascular Research Center not only identifies the biological principles for vascular development, differentiation, and regulation and the pathological mechanism of common vascular diseases, but also develops biological resources (genes, cell lines, animal models, antibodies, tissues) and technical resources (cell therapy, gene therapy, vascular disease treatment) to build a hub of domestic vascular research.

Area of Research and Business

Research on Vascular Endothelial Cells

  • Research on the mechanism of specific signaling for endothelial cell function regulation
  • Identification of genes regulating the function of vascular endothelial cells
  • Functional analysis of angiogenic genes using mice
  • Research on the mechanism of intracellular cytoplasmic permeability regulation

Research on Vascular Function Regulation by Peripheral Vascular Cells

  • Research on vascular function regulation by platelets
  • Research on the mechanism of vascular function regulator expression by immune cells
  • Research on vascular function regulation by "Stromal Matrix"
  • Research on vascular function regulation by erythrocytes

Research on Pathology of Vascular Disease and Development of Core Technology

  • Establish an animal model for vascular function research
  • Discover regulatory and therapeutic substances of tumor angiogenesis
  • Develop vascular permeability inhibitors and retinal disease therapeutic agents
  • Develop therapeutic agents for metabolic vascular disease

Area of Research and Business

Short-term Expectations
  • - Improve the influence on vascular function regulation-related intramural research
  • - Expand exchanges among vascular-related researchers in and out of school
  • - Apply and make contracts for national research projects
  • - Foster vascular-related researchers
Mid to Long-term Expectations
  • - Strengthen collective research capabilities and build a hub for researchers in Korea
  • - Direct university-led development of local industries through interdisciplinary research
  • - Conduct international collaborative research by building a global network
  • - Enhance the reputation of KNU by improving the internationalization index
  • - Establish a self-reliance model for the institute

1 Gangwondaehak-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea (24341)
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